An essential step in efficient client relationship management is effective communication. Improve your client relationships by using the Merchant Portal in PegasusCRM. This feature provides your merchants with a space to submit and review documents, report problems, and communicate directly with your support team. With quick and easy access to support, PegasusCRM makes every merchant feel like the top priority.

By generating a client user under a merchant’s record in PegasusCRM, you can give a merchant access to the Merchant Portal. Once they verify their account, a merchant has the ability to access the portal homepage and view a snapshot of their merchant information, shared files, and tickets.

The File Share tab provides a comprehensive history of the documents that were shared with the merchant, giving them a space to review documents that they have signed and submitted to your office. Merchants can upload outstanding or supporting documentation with the click of a mouse, ensuring that every piece of information is exactly where it needs to be.

In the Tickets tab, merchants can track, create, and edit their own tickets. This feature is completely integrated with the ticketing system on the office side of PegasusCRM, allowing your merchants and support team to stay in constant contact through every step of the resolution process. Clients can communicate directly with the support team member assigned to their task, reducing friction and arriving at a resolution more quickly with PegasusCRM’s Merchant Portal.

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