FEATURE: Ticketing System

Use PegasusCRM’s dynamic Ticketing System to manage communication between both merchants and your support team and among your office. Give your merchants access to the Merchant Portal to submit a ticket directly to your support desk and the ability to view the ticket’s status as their issue is being resolved. Your team can assign priority to issues as they come in to ensure that the most pressing matters are addressed first. Integrating your email and VoIP accounts into PegasusCRM allows you to log every email correspondence, phone call, and document to be linked to a specific client.

Keep your calendar organized by sending meeting invitations and assigning tasks all within this multi-user platform. Appointing a particular contact point to a ticket ensures that at least one member of your support staff is addressing an issue at all times. Your support team can then add notes that are removed from the merchant view to enhance inter-office communication. All client and ticket history is searchable, which allows issues to be located and referenced with ease. Receive, track, and resolve all merchant issues electronically with the Ticketing System in PegasusCRM.

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