PegasusCRM ventures to invigorate the Merchant Services Industry. Our robust tool accelerates client workflow by facilitating excellent customer support and calculating residuals from any processor.

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PegasusCRM Model

PegasusCRM is built around the basic workflow of the merchant services industry. Our goal is to automate every step of these business processes so your office can run better, faster, and smarter.

Sales Funnel

Filing and managing an influx of merchant processing agreements (MPAs) is no problem with PegasusCRM. Get signed MPAs straight into your document database, and share them directly to managers, processors, and more. Processing with Transfirst, Vantiv, or First Data? Auto-board with one click. Track every agreement as you move merchants through onboarding, all without leaving PegasusCRM.


From gathering leads to signing agreements, PegasusCRM streamlines every step of closing deals. Start the sales process by empowering your agents and partners to collect leads and import them directly to your database. As you transition leads to clients, close deals without printing or faxing a single page, making your boarding process secure and eco-friendly. Track team productivity within the system to watch your business grow, and focus on maintaining effective client relationships.

Daily Communication and Maintenance

PegasusCRM allows you to sustain effective customer relationships. Give your support and admin reps the tools they need to address merchant concerns quickly and efficiently. Users can organize parts of the system to make critical information quickly accessible and track client communication across the office.

Daily Communication

Email Integration

Residual Reporting

Love them or hate them, residuals are coming your way every month. Why spend valuable hours calculating payouts when you can use PegasusCRM’s Residual Calculation Wizard? Our Residual Reporting Tools give you the power to control, calculate, and customize payouts by processor, office, agent, or merchant in a matter of minutes. Free up your schedule today.


See what our users have to say

“This is not your basic CRM of the past. This program gives us the confidence to reach out to new affiliate businesses that now refer new customers to us. Everyone wins in the end thanks to Pegasus.”
James M. Peeler, CEO
American Spirit Processing, Inc.
I’d looked at, and even used, other CRM’s targeting our industry. None have ever met expectations… until Pegasus came along. The support staff and software are pleasures to work with.
Robert G.
ISO – Mississippi
The benefits of using Pegasus for our residual reporting has saved us time and the possibility of mistakes during the payroll process. Sending out monthly reports to our agents is a seamless process.
Milburn Morris
Innovative Marketing Systems

PegasusCRM Pricing

With our monthly pricing scale, what you see is what you get. Customize your team’s access by roles. Referring leads? Try the Partner Portal. Closing deals? Agent Portal all the way. Managing support? Office Portal is the one for you. Enjoy all the features and functions at your fingertips for one low monthly fee.

We have a minimum bill of $895 per month

PegasusCRM is an Enterprise level application. As a result, it is not suited for an office with limited resources. A one-person office will find the size of PegasusCRM overwhelming. Training on PegasusCRM, an application designed specifically for the merchant services industry with 23 modules and counting, would be a daunting task for anyone.

Most of our clients assign an administrator for PegasusCRM, such as an Operations Manager, to coordinate and participate in the training. PegasusCRM will then “train the trainer” and this individual will become the main point of contact. PegasusCRM will then augment further training sessions to the respective department managers to be trained on the different modules that are pertinent to their roles within the Merchant Services ISO.

As a rule of thumb, it would be safe to say that unless your team is larger than 10 (including both employees and 1099 Sales Agents), and then only if you have a sizeable portfolio to manage, and an I.T personnel/department, you may be better off choosing a less robust CRM.

  • PegasusCRM Office Portal License
  • Office users can manage any and every function in the system. Manage equipment details, field grouping, ticketing settings.

    Employees with a W2 status.
  • $85

    (1-75 Users)

    Per User/ Per Mo.

  • $80

    (75-120 Users)

    Per User/ Per Mo.

  • $75

    (121+ Users)

    Per User/ Per Mo.

  • PegasusCRM Sales Portal License
  • Agent users can access all sales-related features in PegasusCRM, from entering and working leads to closing deals.

    Agents with a 1099 status.
  • $35

    (1-25 Users)

    Per User/ Per Mo.

  • $32

    (26-50 Users)

    Per User/ Per Mo.

  • $29

    (51-100 Users)

    Per User/ Per Mo.

  • $26

    (101-200 Users)

    Per User/ Per Mo.

  • $23

    (201-300 Users)

    Per User/ Per Mo.

  • $20

    (301+ Users)

    Per User/ Per Mo.

  • PegasusCRM Partner Portal License
  • Partner users solely perform initial sales-related tasks. They can refer leads into your database and view their residual reports.

    Referal banks/agents that submit leads and view residuals.
  • $20

    Per User / Per Mo.

  • PegasusCRM Merchant Portal License
  • Merchant users can enjoy a dedicated Merchant Portal for everyone’s favorite price: FREE. Sounds like a steal, right?

    Signs documents and submits help tickets.
  • $0

    Unlimited Users

    Per User

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